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At Business of Mining Exploration we offer a mining engineer with legal training. Our team of professionals can get your mining operation up and running with one efficient service. We have a rounded approach for our consultation which includes everything from incorporating to land management.

Start up Your Junior Mining Company
Junior mining companies have the role of finding properties with a high likelihood of resources.

Starting your own profitable junior mining company does not need to be difficult. Besides our business guidance and engineering experience, we help advance junior mining companies by assisting with growth planning. This includes assembling the people, property and financing needed to start a successful mining business. Our professional experience cuts out many of the steps that you would need to take if you were starting your business through other means. We are able to refer you to an entire team of qualified professionals suitable for your needs, including geologists, lawyers, accountants and brokers; our services complement all those referred. So if you are looking at starting or expanding your junior mining company, contact us at Business of Mining Exploration for complete guidance from start to finish.

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